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Writer's Block: Ground Control to Major Tom

What kind of craft would you design to travel through time and space? How would it work? What would it look like?

Hmm, personally I'd like some kind of wrist watch type of device or maybe a pocket watch that would open portals through time that you walk through. But I'm also partial to the idea of a blue british police box or a car that takes you through time. Though, if I could design such a craft or item, I'd build more than one. So most likely I'd go with a vehicle and the portable version.
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My sister's wedding

I don't care who sees this, but I want to get it off my chest. I don't care for two of my sister's friends, Kim aka Cookie and this one girl called Bunny. Kim comes off rather...well inconsiderate, and Bunny's just outright nasty.

Without telling anyone, Kim changes to her sleep shirt, then Bunny turns to me (her boyfriend's in the room too) and says in my GRANDMOTHER'S house "oop underwear, get out". Keep in mind, I'm not even looking in Kim's direction and all my attention's directed straight at my netbook wondering why I can't get internet access. Apparently, it's alright for her to be a nasty to her friend's brother and that he can't see some girl in a night shirt that's short enough that it could flash underwear, but her boyfriend can see the girl's underwear.

What makes all this worse is my grandmother never even knew these girls were staying over until today, the day before my sister's wedding. And I know for certain that I'm NOT going to talk with these girls at the wedding. I'm going to give them the silent treatment and completely ignore them. I'm going to act as if they aren't there at all.

It irks me, these girls (they aren't even women to me) are..well they need help. And my sister's the same way. It makes me wish more women were like my mother, as in level headed, sensible and not nasty. It makes me wish my sister was more like my mother. She has a bad tendency to fly off the handle at times, freak out and have panic attacks. And it turns out that Kim and Bunny are the same way. I guess I'm happy I'm still single.

I'll be happy when this wedding's over and I never have to deal with these girls ever again.

Oh yes! And I completely forgot something! My sister...she has a big fat mouth. Private stuff, she'll blab about that in public. Like when we went to get her wedding dress, she blabs right to the lady working there that I'm a furry, and being the unknowing loudmouth she is, the way she explains what furries is would make being a pedophile be good in comparison! And she did the exact same thing in front of her friends today. Yet, when I try to correct her on my character's species, she ignores me and keeps stating the wrong thing. I wish she would learn to follow her favorite two words and SHUT UP!
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In Memory of Jim Henson

Today marks the 20 year anniversary of the death of Jim Henson. He will continue to be missed. It's hard to believe it's been such a long time since the world lost such a wonderful man.
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13 clocks

I've been plotting and thinking for a story idea I plan to actually write into a novel.

the world's a bit of a steampunk world where clockwork and steampunk tech is mixed with magic. in the world, there are a number of people who own time pieces, clocks. they are designed into eyepatches, belt buckles, rings, pendents, or the standard pocket watch or wrist watch. These clocks are special. when activated and opened, they give the user a special weapon, armor, or a guardian to fight for them. the owners of these clocks are known as Timekeepers. There were thirteen original makers of these clocks known as the Watchmakers and each one had a guardian or enforcer known as a Guardian of Time. The thirteenth's gone missing and he was the main enforcer. He kept the others in place and ensured they used time justly. The idea is, he returns after his long absence.

I'm thinking of a dark mad hatter look for the thirteenth with a black top hat. and maybe a long coat with armored shoulders or something. His reason for disappearing is simply that "I angered time, she will not listen to me anymore." I may throw some western influences in, and some slightly modern weaponry like pump action shotguns. I don't think I'm going to go anywhere as recent as machine guns or automatic pistols.

Problem is, I'm not sure what to do with the 13th guy. He's the main character, and after talking to one friend, I've been considering making his watch a jack of all trades watch. But I'm open to other ideas for themes for watches and gear!
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Happy days

I own a motorcycle! A 1990 Kawasaki Vulcan 500. Hehehe, now all I gotta do is get a permit and I can ride her. My dad's gonna help me out with this and I'm very excited. Word's can't really express how happy, excited and nervous I am at the same time.

Here's a picture of what she looks like, except she's blue.

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In Awe!

Yesterday, I got a commission back that makes me a very happy bat.



Completely worth the $45! And it's the BEST picture yet of the Mad Doctor!

In other news, I have seen the End of Days and it will be coming in 2012. http://movies.yahoo.com/news/usmovies.accesshollywood.com/taylor-lautner-stretch-into-latest-role

Movies based off toys and board games. A movie based off Stretch Armstrong, a movie based off Max Steel, and one based off of Battleship.

You have got to be kidding me. That Robot Chicken Episode about movies based off board games was supposed to be a parody joke poking fun at Hollywood, not to be taken seriously and used for real ideas for movies! http://video.adultswim.com/robot-chicken/board-game-movies.html
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Now many people who know me know that I try to be an easy to get along with person. I also let people who piss me off or irritate me off with MANY more chances than I usually should. Hell, I had a co-worker once who was an asshole, be an ass five times to me before I finally couldn't take it anymore. Hell, if I was more like my father, there'd be a huge slew of people that I would never have contact with.

But, like my father you don't want to screw me over to the point that you actually have me HATING you. I won't go out of my way to get you back, but you will be dead to me. I will completely and utterly cut you out of my life. A perfect example of this is how my father once had finally hit the breaking point because of his sister and the crap she pulls and told people "I don't have a sister" when they mentioned her because she was dead to him. And another time when some guy who had pissed my father off bad enough tried to be friendly with him and talk with him at a restaurant. My father point blank told the guy "I don't know who you are. You got the wrong guy." Because the guy was completely cut out of his life.

And I, just like him, can do that.

Let me get back to my point. It takes a LOT to get me to that point. And right now, there's only one person whom I feel very strongly about acting that way towards. But I won't for my good friend Thead. I will be civil, but I will pretty much ignore him and any shit he pulls the next time I see this guy. One of the main things my book on stress management (Yes, I actually have a book on this because when I do get stressed, I ACTUALLY GET PHYSICALLY ILL!) states to do is avoid things that cause you stress.

I had actually had to dig out the book and start flipping through it again after over a year of not using it because of this person and how stressed out I was the other night. I was so stressed out, I actually got sick to my stomach and needed pepto. And I even needed to take some when I woke up because I was still feeling sick. I had a throbbing migraine and I even had trouble sleeping.

So yeah, I do go out of my way to avoid conflict and stress. One, because I don't like it, and two, because stress isn't good for me.

Now how I do act is typically silly and goofy at times. But that's how I always have been. I poke fun at myself and don't mind playful joking and fun, even if it is pointed at me. There was even once that my dad and I were ripping on each other back and forth as we were moving my grandmother's sewing tables upstairs for her. Man, we were going at it so bad my cousin thought we were fighting and hated each other. But we were chuckling, laughing and having a ball with each other. It's how we get along and harass each other, but it's not serious and it's all for fun! There is no seriousness behind what we say. I rip on him and tease him, and he rips on me and teases me back. I love my dad, and he's a great guy, and in many ways I'm like him.

Now with characters, I can try and play characters in different ways. I've got a sweet hearted angel char who's the kindest and nicest person you'd meet, and she's so sweet you'd swear she's always happy. She pretty much LIVES to make others happy. She always looks on the bright side of life, no matter what. She is saddened that the man she is supposed to watch over and try to guide towards goodness has rejected her assistance and cast her out, but she hopes for the best for him. She still wants to help him, but can't. With no other job to do, she decides to finally reveal that she is an angel so she can better help the world.

I've got my emotionally conflicted mad scientist who's been through hell and has a love/hate relationship with the world. A part of him wishes for death, while a part of him wishes for happiness and joy that always just seem to be out of his reach. He's had more crap flung at him than he deserves, yet he will continually dig himself out and continue no matter what, while always reaching for that ideal life he wants. He just wants to be loved, to be happy, and to not have to be afraid anymore, yet he's paranoid to the fact that he can't help but fear dangers that may never even happen. So he prepares, and right now he's been cast out by those he cared about, all because he spied on them just in case one of them in the most worst case scenario because a threat. He's angry for being cast out, but he still cares for them and wants to protect them and save the world. He would still sacrifice himself for those he cares about without a second thought for his own safety. The story I have planned for him is where he proves to his former friends that he had a right to be paranoid, and gives them a situation where someone they cared about and trusted is suddenly the threat. He becomes that threat with every intention that before he succeeds in defeating them, he stops and gives himself up. He sacrifices himself to show those he cares about that they should prepare themselves for the worst, even if the worst is something they do not want to even imagine happening, but always hope for the best.

Another character I have is a guy who's fallen in love and because of that love throws away his plans for revenge and murder. He was a little excentric to begin with, but since the woman he loves is one of the good guys, despite her being arrongant of her own abilities and rather self centered, he's going to straight up his own act. He wants to be by her side and to be trusted.

The last character I'm gonna list here is one I LOVE to play. A lot of the reason I like to play him is because it's FUN playing the bad guy. You get to act like a jerk and mess with people, causing trouble. There's just so many ways to play a bad guy character, and actually get away with it because you are making a story so much better. This guy is a powerful, arrogant jerk. He only really cares about himself, and he finds the rest of the world to be filled with annoyances. All he wants out of this world is power. And power can come in many forms. He finds great pleasure in many types of power, especially the power over life and death. That's how he toys with his victims, even the ones he kills by his own hands. He tortures them and cuts away at their hope until they are begging for death, only to bring them more pain. When he finally tires of the game, he kills them with his knives. That's another unique thing about this sicko. He's really despisable in many ways. He's created to be feared and despised. And his prefered tool for murder is his knives. He likes them because he can actually get dirty with them. He can take off a little or a whole lot of his victim with his knives. Even other villians fear him for he would kill them without a second thought. If you are working for him, you pray he doesn't kill you when you've outlived your usefulness. He can be a great ally, but deals with him are as bad as a deal with the devil himself. And you know any deal with him will have strings attached and you're lucky if you come out of the deal without any harm. The idea I have for him is that he ends up working with the heroes, to their reluctance. The heroes end up making a deal with this devil, and they slowly start to realize that maybe the mad scientist they needed this devil to stop wasn't the real bad guy after all. Especially since the scientist and devil are mortal enemies.

I have many other characters that I'd love to list here, but I don't want to have tooooo large of a post. I know I could go on for maybe hours. Also, as Walter Koenig said about playing Alfred Bester on Babylon 5 "It's fun being the bad guy", and he is right. It is fun playing the part of a bad guy, and I will gladly play villian characters in stories and rps. I know how to screw things over for the good guys and have someone for them to hate. It's all a story, and let's face it, without a good villian, no hero, no matter how wonderful, is going to be enjoyed as much if he doesn't have a proper villian to face. Holmes was at his best when he had Moriarty. And if you need your own Moriarty, I will be him.